History of Sikhs In The City

Sikhs In The City (SITC) is the successor name of the North East London road running club with an international reach. SITC was formerly known as ‘Team Fauja’. It is organised and led by a group of enthusiasts who meet early (before 7:00am) every Sunday morning whatever the weather.

The SITC name was adapted and adopted (with permission) from the 2004 BBC programme narrated by Goodness Gracious Me star Kulvinder Ghir, Sikhs and the City provided a rare and entertaining day-in-the-life snapshot several members of one of Britain's biggest, but least understood, faith communities. Among the people featured in the programme was the then 93-year-old marathon runner, Fauja Singh who is a traditional Sikh and at the time, also a 'poster boy' for the latest Adidas campaign. Fauja Singh is a founder and Honorary member of SITC

SITC is part of the Sikh Sports Association (SSA) that encompasses all Olympic sports. SSA in turn is one part of the Internet based social policy think-tank - Sikhs In England (SIE) who are also the account holders.

SITC is governed by the SSA Constitution (see relevant tab) with membership open to Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike.

Supporters (historical)

In June 2005 the following was true – nothing much has changed since apart from the Centennial Foundation, the Spinning Wheel Festival organisation and the Sikh Sports Association in San Francisco supporting Fauja Singh’s trips to their functions.


Fauja Singh (and others with him) have been sponsored by the following:

From September 2003 to September 2004 - ADIDAS (sports clothes, publicity and accessories plus a financial contribution directly passported to his favourite charity - BLISS)

New York City Marathon Trip 2004 - ADIDAS, Metropolitan Police Service, Rossmore Hotel (Sukhy Thakar), Kuchh Nai Limited. The elders were hosted by Sher-e-Panjab group and Dr Tinna

Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half Marathon and publicity launch trips - Scotia Bank, ADIDAS, Guru Gobind Singh Childrens charity (Toronto) and Sikh individuals on a personal level.

Washington Sikh Museum opening trip - Smithsonian Institute and Mr Chatta.

Kericho Trip - Nishkam Sevak Jatha.

Punjab Sahibzade Marathon - Punjab Government (Capt Amarinder Singh's office).

Lahore Marathon - Pakistan Government and Punjab CM (Pakistan) Office through Publicis company.

Glasgow City Run - hosted by fellow Gursikh runners and Glasgow City Council,

Edinburgh Marathon - Entry Fees waived and VIP passes by Marathon organisers, hosted by same Glasgow Gursikh runners.

ING Luxembourg Marathon - Waiving entry fees, providing accommodation and logistical support.

Frankfurt Marathon – Waiving entry fees, providing transport and accommodation

Redbridge Faith Forum has provided funding secured from London Catalyst for a six month ‘Get Fit for Free’ pilot training programme that ended in July 2011.

Singapore Sports Council assisted SITC to enable Fauja Singh to participate in the 2012 Standards Chartered event in December.

Gurmeet Singh and Manjit Singh sponsored two trips for Fauja Singh and accommodation needs of SITC to Hong Kong.

Previous years races that SITC has participated in:




 22 February – Hampton Court Half Marathon

 01 March – Roding Valley Half Marathon

 22 March – Brentwood Half Marathon

 29 March - SITC Spring 10k, Half & Marathon

 05 April - 10K – SITC/Tessa Sanderson Redbridge Half Marathon

 26 April – London Marathon

 04 May - Milton Keynes Marathon

 10 May - Halstead Marathon

 17 May – Richmond Park Marathon

 30 May – Luxembourg Marathon

 07 June – Southend Half Marathon

 21 June – Hitchin Half Marathon

 28 June -SITC Midsummer 10k, Half & Marathon

 25 July – Twilight Marathon Redbridge 

 26 July – Summer Run around the Reservoir (Northampton)

 29 August – Thames Meander Marathon

 30 August - SITC PEACE Marathon Relay Run

 06 September – Great North Run

 27 September - Ealing Half Marathon

 04 October – Bournemouth Marathon

 18 October –Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Chelmsford Marathon

 01 November - Remembrance Run

 06 December – SITC Team Marathon

 20 December - Dawn to Dusk Ultra Marathon (plus 10k, Half & Full Marathon)


2 January – SITC Akhand Marathon

3 February – Watford Marathon

24 February – Hong Kong Marathon

3 March – Roding Valley Half Marathon

24 March -  Brentwood Half Marathon

21 April – Virgin London Marathon

5 May – SITC Spring 10km/Half & Full Marathon

26 May – Edinburgh Marathon

8 June – Luxembourg Marathon

23 June – Midsummer 10km, Half & Full Marathon

25 August – SITC 10km, Half & Full Marathon

8 September - Run to the Beat Half Marathon

15 September – Great North Run

29 September – Ealing Half Marathon

6 October - Bournemouth Full/Half Marathon

6 October – Glasgow Half Marathon

20 October – ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

3 November – Remembrance  Run 10km/Half & Full Marathon

24 November – SITC Team Marathon

21 December – Dawn to Dusk Ultra Marathon, Marathon, Half & 10k



4-6 January – SITC Akhand Marathon

3 February – Watford Marathon

24 February – Hong Kong Marathon

3 March – Roding Valley Half Marathon

24 March -  Brentwood Half Marathon

14 April – Tessa Sanderson 10km/Half Marathon

21 April – Virgin London Marathon

5 May – SITC Spring 10km/Half & Full Marathon

26 May – Edinburgh Marathon

8 June – Luxembourg Marathon

23 June – Midsummer 10km, Half & Full Marathon

20 July - Stephen Paull Track Marathon

25 August – SITC 10km, Half & Full Marathon

8 September - Run to the Beat Half Marathon

15 September – Great North Run

29 September – Ealing Half Marathon

6 October - Bournemouth Full/Half Marathon

6 October – Glasgow Half Marathon

20 October – ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

3 November – Remembrance  Run 10km/Half & Full Marathon

24 November – SITC Team Marathon

21 December – Dawn to Dusk Ultrathon


1 January 2012 - New Year Resolution Run – 7:00am (10km and Half Marathon at 9:00am)

5 February – Hong Kong Marathon

26 February – Roding Valley Half Marathon

25 March – SITC Spring 10km & Half Marathon (in aid of Sport Relief)

22 April – London Marathon

19 May - Luxembourg Marathon

27 May – Edinburgh Marathon

24 June – SITC Summer 10km & Half Marathon

15 July -Mauritius Marathon and other races

21/22 July – Tessa Sanderson Redbridge 10km / Olympic Torch Relay

26 August – SRM Relay Marathon

2 September – Glasgow City Half Marathon

16 September – Great North Run

30 September - Ealing Half Mararhon

14 October – Toronto Waterfront Marathon

28 October – Frankfurt Marathon

4 November - SITC Remembrance 10km and Half Marathon

18 November - SITC Near Neighbours/ Faith Forum Run Redbridge (20 miles)

2 December – Singapore Marathon

9 December – SITC Team Marathon


Jan 2nd - Sikhs In The City 10k, Half & Full Marathon

Feb 20th - Hong Kong 10k, Half & Full Marathon

Feb 28th - RodingValley Half Marathon

March 27th - Sikhs In The City Half Marathon

April 17th - Virgin London Marathon

May 22nd - Edinburgh Marathon

June 11th - Luxembourg Marathon

July 9th - Nishkam 10k Birmingham

July 23rd - Saca Bike ride Birmingham-to-London

August 28th - Sikh Relay Marathon

October 9th - Once In A Lifetime Marathon – 10km and Half Marathon

October 16th - Toronto Waterfront Marathon

October 30th - Frankfurt Marathon

November 6th – SITC Remembrance 10k & Half Marathon

December 11th– Get Fit for Christmas 10km and Half Marathon



Jan 3rd - Sikh Relay Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k

April 18th - Tessa Sanderson Newham 10k Run

April 24th - Vasakhi Celebrations Canary Wharf

April 25th - Virgin London Marathon

May 15th - Interfaith Marathon - Luxembourg

July 25th - SACA Bike Ride Birmingham-to-London

August 29th - Sikh Relay Marathon

Sept 4-5th - Knarvik Norway Half Marathon

Sept 5th - Glasgow Half Marathon & 10k

Sept 5th - Adidas Womens 5K London

Sept 19th - Great North Run

Sept 25th - GNNSJ 10k Run Birmingham

Sept 26th - Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half & 5k

Oct 10th - Royal Parks Half Marathon

Oct 24th - Birmingham City Half Marathon

Oct 31st - Frankfurt Full Marathon (Fauja Singh relay)


Sikh Relay Marathon

Great North Run - Half Marathon

Roding Valley Half Marathon

Toronto waterfront Marathon

New York Marathon

Luxembourg Interfaith Marathon

Glasgow Marathon

Edinburgh Marathon

Portugal Marathon

Supporters (current)

Apart from one-off lifetime membership fees, SITC receives funding from entry fees to the races it organises and material supportfrom, Azad Electricals, Kuchh Nai Limited, Naamdhari and Guru Nanak Satsangh Sabha (Karamsar) Gurdwaras, JSB Construction Limited, Bansal Building (London) Limited and Sharad’s Jewellers.

Surplus monies from the sponsoring of T-shirts is shown under News (Home page).

The following are Lifetime (paid) and Honorary members of SITC


Membership Reference

Members of SSA/SITC

Updated 3 March 2013

Honorary Member




Ajit Singh – Original SITC





Ajit Singh Kalirai –Original SITC





Alan Brookes – Toronto





Amerjit Singh Bhamra





Amita Sharma





Amrik Singh – Original S ITC





Amrik Singh Bajwa





Amrik Singh Bansal - BBL





Baljit Singh





Baldev Singh Bains





Bharat T Tailor





Charanjit Singh





Damien O’Looney - Edinburgh





Dayagauri Tailor





Deepak Rao Belle





Dharmesh Tailor





Erich Francois – Luxembourg





Fauja Singh – Original SITC





Frank Neumann - Frankfurt





Ghanaya Singh Talewar





Gurdev Kaur


Not Active



Gurmit Kaur





Gurjit (Gary) Singh Aulak





Gurmail Singh Khalsa





Gurpreet Singh Sagoo





Harmander Singh





Harbhag Singh





Harjit (Harry) Singh Aulak





Harjinder Singh Kalyan





Hardev Singh Sira





Harinder Singh Mann





Ismail Bhayat


Currently Abroad



Jas Benning





Jaspreet Kaur Lall





Jo Schindler – Frankfurt





Kamaljit Kaur Palray





Kanwaljit Singh





Kulvinder Kaur Dulai





Kulvinder Singh Jabble - Kuchhnai





Lakvinder Singh





Le Luong


In Canada



Major Iqbal Singh





Makhan Singh





Manjit Singh





Manpreet Kaur Sahemey





Marty Wanless - AIMS





Michelle Susan Murphy





Mit Lal


Not active



Nachhatar Kaur Singh





Nimrat Kaur Sira





Nirmal Singh Lotay





Pritpal Singh Sagoo





Rani Bassi





Rajinder Shinhmar





Sandy Jobanputra





Satwinder Singh (AZAD)


Not active



Satwinder Singh Rupra





Shilpa Anand Sunderji





Shaheen Land-Reed





Sharad Pattni


Not active



Sukhjinder Singh Dhinsa





Sulakhan Singh Jandu





Sukhjinder Singh Kalirai


Not Active



Syed Fahim Ahmed





Tara Syed





Tony Sharma


Not active



Vijay B Tailor



About Fauja Singh & his supporters:

Fauja Singh’s running British and European colleagues and supporters since 1999

According to Harmander Singh’s (Coach) records, the following people have helped Fauja Singh along his running journey since 1999 when he first decided that he wanted to run marathons and was initially introduced to Harmander by Jeevan Singh Mangat of GMS Ltd in Ilford:

Alan Brookes – Race Director of Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ji – Nishkam Sevak Jatha

Brendan Foster – Race Director Great North Run

Captain Amrinder Singh – Sahibzade Marathon (Then) CM of Punjab

Carlos Moya - Lisbon Half Marathon, Marketing

Chris Barrand - ADIDAS

Damian O’Looney – Race Director of Edinburgh Marathon

Dave Bedford – Race Director of London Marathon

Eric Francois – Race Director Luxembourg Marathon

Frank Clements – Race Director Glasgow Half Marathon

Fred Lebow – New York Marathon Chief

Ian Ladbrook – Lahore Marathon

Jackie Glazebrook – BLISS Charity

Jo Schindler – Race Director Frankfurt Marathon

Jochen Haase – ADIDAS

Leveke Lambersy – ADIDAS

Malcolm McCosker - London Independent Hospital

Marty Wanless – Association of International Marathons

President Musharraf - Lahore Marathon


Plus the untold number of media-persons all over the world who have taken to Fauja Singh in a kind way.


Although many have supported Fauja Singh’s endeavours, Harmander is personally aware of and particularly wishes to mention individuals and groups that have supported and recognised Fauja Singh’s efforts, these include >


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

His Holiness the XIV Dalai. Lama

British Telecom – Living Legends Award

Council of Gurdwaras – South East

Dr, Tina and Mr Baldev Singh Shergill from New York/Sikhs In America

Kulvinder Singh Jabble and family from West London

Maharaja Duleep Singh Trust

Paramjit Singh and team from Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation in Canada,

Rami Rangar and Hardyal Singh Luther - The India International Foundation

Scottish Asian Sports Association

Sikh Directory – Lifetime Achievement Award

Sikh Sports Association of USA

Sri Chinmoy Peace Relay Run Award

Suky Thakur and Amrik Singh Bansal both from Ilford,

T Sher Singh and all at Sikhchic in Canada

Vaisakhi on the Square Committee

And many more.

The following 300 runners have run alongside Fauja Singh in races that he had a specific and leading role on behalf of Sikhs in addition to the race itself.

Aamon Williams ELR
Aaron Chopra SSA Juniors
Abderrahman El-khalfioui Luxembourg
Abdesselam Tribak Luxembourg
Acchar Singh SSA
Ahmetspahic Halil Luxembourg
Ajit Singh Athwal Singh Sabha Barking
Ajit Singh Kalirai The A(ge) Team
Ajit Singh The A(ge) Team
Ajouaou Mohamed Luxembourg
Aki Johal Team Nimrata
Akram Choudry East Ham Lions
Amandeep singh SSA
Amandeep Singh Sohal Zoop Zoop
Amardeep Singh SCCP
Amarjit Kaur Dhinsa British Sikh Women Org
Amerjit Singh Bhamra SSA
Amerjit Singh Walia BFS Gatka Runners
Amrik Singh The A(ge) Team
Amritpal Loyal SCCP
Amritpal Singh SSA Kids
Amy Burgess Redbridge PCT
Anil Gupta Redbridge PCT
Asha Kaur SCCP
Avdusinov Adis Luxembourg
Avnish Kaur Pankhania SWA
Aways Ikar Mohamed Luxembourg
Bala DeVere Care
Balbir Kaur SWA
Baldeep Singh SCCP
Baldev Singh East Ham Lions
Baldev Singh SSA
Baljit Singh Raj Runners
Balvinder Kaur Saund SWA
Balwinder Singh Naamdhari Gurdwara
Barbara Leistner Luxembourg
Barni Singh Lakhan Singh Sabha Barking
Bhoopalan Natarajan – India Interfaith
Bibi Gurdev Kaur Sikh Nari Manch UK
Bill Gahir Redbridge PCT
Bob Channa AVES
Bradley Brown Barking Road Runners
Buster (Basant Singh) Martin The A(ge) Team
Carl Nanton Ilford Athletic Club
Caroline Meaby ELR
Charanjit Singh Sangha Scottish Sikhs
Chishti Iftekhar Luxembourg
Chloe Kaur British Sikh Women Org
Chris Land Reed Gants Hill Rotary
Christina Ioannou BFS Gatka Runners
Ciaran Canavan ELR
Colin Jones Ilford Athletic Club
Cyan Irwin Interfaith
Dalvir Kaur Sikh Nari Manch
David Finch Barking Road Runners
David Robinson Ilford Athletic Club
David Welch SSA Juniors
Davinder Singh Team Nimrata
Dennis Spencer Perkins Barking Road Runners
Derek Wright ELR
Dilbhag Singh Scottish Sikhs
Dilip Vadhar Redbridge PCT
Dilminder Singh Rai Barking Singh Sabha
Dr. Hellmuth Bergmann Luxembourg
Duncan Turton Pimlico Plumbers
Ece Husseyin Luxembourg
Eleni Walia BFS Gatka Runners
Elke Murdock Luxembourg
Emmanuelle Bauer Luxembourg
Ferris Gill SCCP
Franco Bertamé Luxembourg
Gagandeep Kaur SCCP
Ghanaya Singh SSA
Gian Singh Suky’s Striders
Graf Erhard Luxembourg
Gurbakhsh Singh The A(ge) Team
Gurbir Singh Bhangoo SSA
Gurcharan Singh SSA
Gurdeep Kaur SCCP
Gurdial Singh Naamdhari Gurdwara
Gurdip Singh SSA
Gurpreet Kaur Ghataura SSA
Gurjit Singh Singh Sabha Barking
Gurmail Singh SSA
Gurminder Kaur Team Nimrata
Gurmukh Singh Team Nimrata
Gurpal Singh Naamdhari Gurdwara
Gursharan Kaur SSA Kids
Gurtej Singh Naamdhari Gurdwara
Gurtej Singh Redbridge PCT
Gurvinder Singh SSA
Haasnoot Olaf Luxembourg
Hadic Adnan Luxembourg
Hagen Christel Luxembourg
Hagen Thomas Luxembourg
Harbhag Singh Darlington Harriers
Harcharan Singh East Ham Lions
Hardip Singh Attalia SSA
Harjinder Singh BFS Gatka Runners
Harjinder Singh Suky’s Striders
Harmander Singh SSA
Harmeet Singh SSA
Harminder Kaur Panesar SWA
Harminder Singh East Ham Lions
Harnam Singh Bhimrah SSA
Harpreet Kaur Palray SWA
Harpreet Singh SCCP
Häußler Albrecht Luxembourg
Himmat Singh Sembi SSA
Inderjit Singh Raj Runners
Inderjit Singh SCCP
Inderjit Singh SSA
Ingo Hanke Luxembourg
Jaga Singh Friends Academy
Jagjit Singh SSA
Jagjot Kaur Chahal SCCP
James Gill SCCP
Jamie Coombs ELR
Jan Hiron Sikh Nari Manch UK
Jane Dixon-Halsall Pimlico Plumbers
Jane Graham Pimlico Plumbers
Jane Marino Pimlico Plumbers
Janet Finch Barking Road Runners
Jasbir Kaur Sumal SWA
Jasbir Singh Friends Academy
Jasdeep Singh Suky’s Striders
Jasmeet Kaur Dagen SWA
Jasmeet Singh SSA
Jason Singh Rogue Runners
Jaspal Kaur Lotay SWA
Jaspreet Kaur SSA Juniors
Jaspreet Kaur SSA Kids
Jassie Kaur SSA
Jasvinder Kaur Bhambra Sikh Nari Manch UK
Jasvir Singh Singh Sabha Barking
Jasvir Singh SSA
Jaswinder Kaur Dhani SWA
Jaswinder Kaur Sikh Nari Manch UK
Jatinder Dur Harlay SSA
Jayvind Singh Lakhan Barking Singh Sabha
Jeevan Singh Bhimrah SSA
Jenny Legget SSA
Jens Krohmer Luxembourg
Jesal Pankhania Suky’s Striders
Jitesh Shah AVES
Joachim Hoeke Luxembourg
Jummai DeVere Care
Kamal Kaur Palray SWA
Kanwaljit Singh SSA
Karnail Singh The A(ge) Team
Kartar Singh Ryatt Naamdhari Gurdwara
Katharina von Randow Luxembourg
Katrina Dixon ELR
Kevin Wotton Barking Road Runners
Khabirpour Fari Luxembourg
Khand Kaur SSA
Kiran Kaur Kundi SWA
Koch Manou Luxembourg
Krieger Christian Luxembourg
Krieger Pascale Luxembourg
Krohmer Jens Luxembourg
Kuljit Singh Kondral Zoop Zoop
Kulvinder Kaur Talewar SWA
Kulvinder Kaur SWA
Kulwant Singh Bhogal Naamdhari Gurdwara
Lakhlifi Lotfi Luxembourg
Lakhwinder SinghAthwal Barking Singh Sabha
Lampe Annett Luxembourg
Lampe Matthias Luxembourg
Lasar Claude Luxembourg
Léah Antonia Luxembourg
Lienhard Catherine Luxembourg
Lienhard Fritz Luxembourg
Madan Singh Gil East Ham Lions
Major Iqbal Singh SSA
Makhan Singh Scottish Sikhs
Malcolm Muir Ilford Athletic Club
Malkiat Singh SCCP
Mamesh Redbridge PCT
Mandip Singh Friends Academy
Manjeet Kaur Chahal SCCP
Manjeet Kaur British Sikh Women Org
Manjit Singh ELR
Manmohan Singh Scottish Sikhs
Manpreet Kaur Saund SWA
Manvir Kaur Kondral Zoop Zoop
Mario Rebellato Pimlico Plumbers
Mark Ambrose Barking Road Runners
Martin Clarke Barking Road Runners
Martin Page Barking Road Runners
Meetu Seth DeVere Care
Mel Jones Ilford Athletic Club
Michael Madigan SSA Juniors
Mukhtiar Kaur DeVere Care
Murdock Elke Luxembourg
Nachhattar Kaur SSA
Naomi Montgomery Pimlico Plumbers
Narinder Paul Interfaith
Navneet Kaur Dulai Scottish Sikhs
Nayan Upopadhay DeVere Care
Nicola Hopkinson Ilford Athletic Club
Nirmal Singh Lotay SSA
Noel Cottrell – UK Interfaith
Osmandic Mihrudin Luxembourg
Paramvir Singh Kondral Zoop Zoop
Pardeep Lall SCCP
Parminder Kaur Kondral SWA
Parminder Kaur SCCP
Parminder Kondral SWA
Parminder Singh SCCP
Parmjit Singh Team Nimrata
Paul Ward Barking Road Runners
Pavitar Singh SSA Kids
Perminder Kaur Saund SWA
Petra Steinmetz Luxembourg
Prabhjeet Kaur SSA Juniors
Preetam Singh SCCP
Preeti Kaur Chahal SCCP
Pritpal Singh Manku Naamdhari Gurdwara
Pruy Julia Luxembourg
Puran Kaur Roopra SCCP
Rajbir Kaur Athwal Raj Runners
Rajinder Kaur Shinhmar SSA
Rajinder Singh Dadial SCCP
Rajni Kaur SCCP
Rajpal Singh Friends Academy
Rajpreet Singh Mahil Raj Runners
Ramesh Pala ELR
Ramesh Verma SWA
Ramic Salih Luxembourg
Raminder Kaur Team Nimrata
Rana Johal DeVere Care
Randeep Singh Sohal Zoop Zoop
Rani Kaur Lotay SWA
Ranjeet Kaur British Sikh Women Org
Ranjit Singh Friends Academy
Ranjit Singh Singh Sabha Barking
Ranjit Sokhi AVES
Ranvir Kaur Athwal SSA Juniors
Richard Potter ELR
Rishi Shinhmar SSA Kids
Robin McNelis Ilford Athletic Club
Ron Vialls Barking Road Runners
Sachkartar Singh Team Nimrata
Sally Gillam Ilford Athletic Club
Samm Mullins Pimlico Plumbers
Sandeep Kaur Mahil Raj Runners
Sandeep Kaur SSA
Sandeep Singh Raj Runners
Sandeep Singh Scottish Sikhs
Sandy Kaur Deol SSA
Sarina Kaur Walia SSA Kids
Saritas Sahadet Luxembourg
Satbinder Singh Suky’s Striders
Satinder Singh Grewal TfL
Satnam Kaur Khalsa British Sikh Women Org
Satwant Kaur Marwah SWA
Satwinder Kaur Panesar SWA
Satwinder Kaur SSA Juniors
Shaheen Bhatia Gants Hill Rotary
Sharad Pattni SSA
Simran Singh SSA Kids
Simranjit Kaur SSA Juniors
Simranjit Singh Friends Academy
Sodhi Singh SSA
Sohinder Singh Rekhi BFS Gatka Runners
Stephen Philcox Barking Road Runners
Stephen Watkins Redbridge PCT
Stimpel Burkhard Luxembourg
Sukhbinder Jandu Ilford Athletic Club
Sukhi Kaur Mangat SWA
Sukhjinder Singh SSA
Sukhvir Singh SSA Juniors
Sulakhan Singh Jandu Naamdhari Gurdwara
Sundeep Singh Dulai Scottish Sikhs
Sundip Singh BFS Gatka Runners
Sunny Singh SSA
Surinder Singh Bhakar Scottish Sikhs
Surinder Singh Sikh Nari Manch UK
Swarn Kaur Lard SCCP
Tara Syed ELR
Tarandeep Singh Kalyan BFS Gatka Runners
Tarandeep Singh Walia SSA Kids
Tarankamal Singh Athwal Raj Runners
Tayibah Seedat SSA Juniors
Terlochan Singh SSA Juniors
Timme Thomas Luxembourg
Tony Sharma Tower Hamlets Rotary
Toshi Kaur Bansal Sikh Nari Manch UK
Umandeep Kaur SSA Kids
Vajinder Singh Chana Naamdhari Gurdwara
Vanessa Miner AVES
Veena Bhambra Sikh Nari Manch UK
Vicki Groves Barking Road Runners
Vinesh Kumar DeVere Care
Vukovic Smajo Luxembourg
Waffenschmidt Annette Luxembourg
Wagner Matthias Luxembourg
Wesquet Patrick Luxembourg
Wolf-Thilo von Trotha Luxembourg



Singapore Marathon – 2 December 2012

5 SITC runners joined Fauja Singh in this prestigious event where he ran the 10km while four of the SITC runners tackled the full Marathon.


SITC Team Marathon – 9 December 2012

Teams of three runners raced each other over the challenging SITC training course starting at 9:30am to get fit for Christmas festivities. Entry fee is £21/Team were waived – medals for all participants.


Near Neighbours funded Run Redbridge (20 miles) – 18 November 2012

A multi-faith SITC team ran through every ward in Redbridge to raise funds for Redbridge Faith Forum – the run started at 9:30am with encouraging words from the Mayor of Redbridge Councillor Muhammed Javed and a blessing from Father Stuart at the entrance of St Alban’s church on Albert Road, Ilford watched by volunteers from Redbridge Faith Forum.

The Mayor joined the runners Ghanaya Singh Talewar, Kanwaljit Singh Gill, Lakvinder Singh, Manjit Singh and Raj Singh Padam to the end of the road in following the lead vehicle driven by Jaspreet Kaur Lall and containing a lazy navigator Harmander Singh. The sweep and medical team vehicles with Jenny and Tony from A+B Medics followed the runners all the way around the 20 mile course finishing back at St Alban’s Church in 3 hours 9 minutes 56.54 seconds where the Mayor, hot tea and other refreshments awaited them


2012 Remembrance10km - 4 November 2012

Starting at 10:00am, the 2nd SITC Remembrance Run took place on the Sunday before Remembrance Sunday Despite the atrocious weather, Fauja Singh was joined by 18 other runners to complete the challenging course in just under two hours. It was the least they could do to remember the fallen.


Frankfurt Marathon – 28 October 2012

Fauja Singh ran the Breakfast Friendship Run on a cold snowy Saturday morning with several hundred international runners before a visit to the Race EXPO and a day with the Sikh community of Frankfurt. The next day Nirmal ran 21 minutes faster than his time at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon two weeks earlier and Harmander bettered his time by 2 minutes to finish in 4 hours 45 minutes and 10 seconds.


Toronto Waterfront Marathon – 14 October 2012

Le Luong who heads SITC Canada finished in an impressive 5 hour 23 minutes in her first proper marathon, Nirmal tried a new run walk pattern to finish just outside the 6 hour mark and Harmander completed his 62ndfull marathon in 4 hours 47 minutes and 2 sec. Fauja Singh participated in the 5km Farewell run where he was joined by nearly 120 Sikhs and non-Sikhs arranged by Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation who also facilitated more than 20 Half Marathoners and a dozen full marathon participants..


Ealing Half Marathon – 30 September 2012

Harbhag Singh repeated the pacing to allow Ghanaya Singh to break 2 hours with a time of 1 hour 54 min 21 sec. 7 other SITC runners ran impressive times in this inaugural West London race.


Great North Run – 16 September 2012

Mama Ji paced Harmander to beat the 2 hour mark (1 hour 59 min 42 sec) in Harmander’s 200th Half Marathon and 28th consecutive GNR.


Glasgow City Half Marathon – 2 September

11 SITC runners took part in the ½ Marathon and 10km race with Manjit Singh again being the fastest runner from those travelling.


Sikh Relay Marathon – 26 August 2012

The 6th SRM saw East London Runners retain their winners position but were unable to set a new course best time. Singh Sabha Barking finally moved up to 2nd place after three third place finishes swapping places with Khalsa Team from West London. Harmander Singh retained his Fastest Grandfather title for the fourth consecutive year.


OLYMPIC TORCH – 21 July 2012

On Saturday 21 July, in the London Borough of Newham, Fauja Singh became the first person to have carried the Olympic Torch TWICE – he was a Torchbearer for the 2004 Athens Olympics during its UK tour.



The SITC Team was invited to take part in the 2nd Mauritius Marathon (15 July 2012) by the Communications Director Wolfgang Slawisch because of the shared ethos of the Mauritius Marathon and SITC Five SITC members including Fauja Singh And Le Luong from SITC Canada participated.


Edinburgh Marathon and Relay – 27 May 2012

Together with Ajit Singh and Amrik Singh, Fauja Singh ran the last leg of the Marathon Relay –they are dedicating this effort to the memory of Ajit Singh Kalirai who was a dear friend and member of the original SITC team – it was four years to the day of his funeral. 9 other members of SITC ran the full marathon.


Luxembourg Marathon and Relay – 19 May 2012

21 SITC members participated in the Interfaith Relay Marathon, Half and full marathon with their European friends.


Virgin London Marathon 2012 – 22 April 2012

Fauja Singh ran his sixth and final London marathon (ninth in total) on 22 April in 7 hours 49 minutes and 21 seconds – SITC members who joined him were Nirmal Singh Lotay (22ndmarathon), Satvinder Singh (5th marathon), Harinder Singh Maan (1stmarathon – running for Team PB) and Harmander Singh (59th marathon).


SITC Spring 10km & Half Marathon (in aid of Sport Relief)

There were three races on 25 March - all in aid of Sports Relief and costing £10 of which £5 went to Sport Relief.

There were two starts for the 10km races. The first started at 8:30am for sub one hour runners and the second started at 10:00am -this was for the get around runners nevertheless aimed to finish before mid-day.

There was also the SITC Half Marathon Plus (22km) race that started with the first race


Roding Valley Half Marathon

Over a dozen SITC members completed this local tough half marathon with most runners bettering their previous year times.


Hong Kong Marathon 5thFebuary 2012

Thanks to Gurmeet Singh Gill and friends in Hong Kong, the SITC Team ran in the Hong Kong Marathon with Fauja Singh who completed the 10km race in 93 minutes while running with his son Sukhjinder Singh and SITC team member Amrik Singh Bajwa – who were accompanied by about 30 local Sikhs. Fauja Singh was supported generously by the Hong Kog Sikhs that he raised over HK$100,000 (that was doubled by Standard Chartered Bank) for‘Seeing is believing’charity.

The SITC ladies Sandy Jobanputra, Amita Sharma, Raj Shinhmar and Shilpa Sunderji ran the half-marathon distance in impressive times despite the humidity.

Nirmal Singh Lotay and Harmander Singh both improved on their previous year’s times in the full marathon.

The trip was so successful that the local Sikhs led by Gurmeet Singh Gill have established a Sikhs In The City (Hong Kong) running club






Under Supplementary Notes concerning Membership of the SSA – add new clause 9 as follows:

9.        New applicants must achieve the Bronze Standard of performance over at least five (out of eleven) distances within the first year of joining before being accepted as full members – a non-refundable surcharge of £12 is payable at the time of application and again at each anniversary of joining until the minimum standard is reached.

(Proposed by Harmander Singh, seconded by Nirmal Singh Lotay).

MOTION2 – Under AIMS AND OBJECTIVES – to clarify ‘…and to affiliate with other organisations…’ under clause 7(c) that reads:

(c) To develop a constructive relationship with sporting bodies and to affiliate with other organisations for the purpose of advancing the objectives of the SSA.

(Proposed by Harmander Singh, seconded by Nirmal Singh Lotay).


Aims, Vision and Targets to be announced by Nirmal Singh – seconded by Harmander Singh


 The EC shall be elected at the AGM from the members and consists of:

(a) Chair

(b) Secretary

(c) Treasurer

(d) Events Co-ordinator

(e) Marketing Co-ordinator

(f) Equalities Co-ordinator.

(g) Communications & External Affairs Co-ordinator.